We’re talking about a new glossy, shimmery colour story that is holographic. Mixed with iridescent fabrics, not only for festival season. Jazz up any outfit and create that showstopper look everyone’s soughting after. Think, the bolder the better!

Find the latest in the holographic trend, HYPE. style.

Want this holo bomber? .. no worries, it’s coming soon! We’ve styled it as part of our AW17 womenswear shoot on model, Sasha.

We’ve got holo bags in every colour, take your pick and match your mood. From darker tones like coffee, to alien green and bumble bee yellow. We’re aiming for more colours than the rainbow, so keep your eye out and cop the latest.

Amp up the heat when you’re by the pool in our holo sliders, available in pink and silver. Head to your closest Schuh store and pick yourself up a pair, feeling lazy? Shop online here. 

Find out how babes are styling our holo coat: