A message from the HYPE. team,

We want to tell you a story, not like once-up-on-a-time, but about the inspiration around our unstoppable Buzz LightYear backpack.

Let’s talk about the morning of #DisneyxHype launching. We have a team around 40 staff members, from designers to social, logistics to accounts that work from our Leicester office.

We didn’t officially have a specific time of when the collection would launch on our website, but we knew the day. Our Instagram DM’s came flooding in with from Disney and HYPE. fans about what time the collection was launching – this was the largest anticipation build up of ANY collaboration we’ve done to date. We all knew from then this was going to be major.

The excitement built as soon as we all stepped foot into HYPE. HQ, with the amount of unique website visitors and everything social being circulated.

Boom. The collection went live, all social announcements went live!

The Buzz backpack was added to every single website users’ basket. And just like that, it sold out in 12 minutes.

Twelve Minutes. More than 1500 backpacks sold!

We have just launched a second drop of the Buzz Lightyear Backpack, with 2,000 backpacks up for grabs.

Ok, lets move on to the design side and where the inspiration came from.

Growing up, everyone wants a Rocket shaped backpack, I mean who doesn’t want to travel to the moon.

When our senior designers were briefed about the collection, you could say they were more nervous than excited. The pressure was on to create a killer stand-out collection of Backpacks, dad caps and pencil cases.

To prep for this task, the team researched hours into Disney and narrowed down characters to select the ones that stood out and meant something to them.

The Buzz Backpack was created after one of the designers spent a Sunday morning watching the Toy Story franchise back-to-back with his children. We’ll let you in on a little secret, his children asked why Buzz didn’t come in the ‘ship box’ in real life. And the idea rocketed from there.