Chicken Run 2 has been picked up by Netflix on the 20th anniversary of the original film.

With the sequel given the green light two years ago after fans set up a petition for its release. The upcoming movie is currently expected to go into full production in 2021.

Two decades after the blockbuster first dropped, Sam Fell’s British hit still remains the highest-grossing-stop-motion animated film of all time, scooping the Best Animated Feature Prize at the 2001 Critic’s Choice Awards.


Following Ginger and Rocky’s new life, free of humans after escaping Tweedy’s farm, living in a ‘peace island sanctuary.’

The hen and rooster hatch a little girl named Molly, with their world seeming complete, they quickly forced to turn their attention towards the dangers of the mainland, assembling their troops and putting their freedom on the line.

With the first installment telling the story of a group of chickens attempting to escape the dreaded slaughter house, adapting military-esq lengths to avoid becoming a Tweedy’s chicken pot pie.

On teaming up with Netflix, Aardman co-founder Peter Lord said: ‘Fans around the world have waited patiently for a sequel idea worthy of Chicken Run so we’re delighted to announce, on the 20th anniversary, that we’ve found the perfect story.

‘Netflix feels like the ideal creative partner for this project too: they celebrate the film-maker, which means we can make the film we want to make – the one we really care about – and share it with a global audience.’

The exciting project will be released by the network in all countries but China.

 Nick Park, the creator of Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, will serve as a creative consultant.