J. Cole and Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad are officially expanding Dreamville Records to launch Dreamville Ventures and Dreamville Studios.

According to reports, Dreamville Ventures will serve as a multi-disciplinary media company while Dreamville Studios will produce both original and co-produced content. Dreamville President Damien Scott will lead the new projects while Executive Vice President Candace Rodney will also take on the role of President of Dreamville Studios. The two will supervise day-to-day operations of Dreamville Ventures and its growth across music, TV, film, publishing, apparel and live events.

“Dreamville has always been a mom-and-pop operation with grand ambitions and ideas that extend far beyond music. The hiring of Damien and Candace not only expands our family business with two of the smartest and most capable executives in the industry, but allows us to take a massive leap towards turning those big ideas into reality,” J. Cole said. Hamad added, “Dreamville is a brand we built from the ground up and the appointments of Damien and Candace allows us to take the company to levels we’ve always dreamed of while keeping our core values and beliefs at the forefront of our expansion.