Just in time for Christmas, we have created a 12 Masks of HYPEMASK advent calendar. Give a socially-distanced gift with our twelve hand-picked HYPE. face masks, that’s your everyday face mask rotation covered.

Each mask features an earloop design in an anti-bac sweat fabric base for the ultimate comfort and breathable space when wearing.

The 12 Days of HYPEMASK features a range of unisex styles. Not feelin’ ya Xmas Dinner Sprouts .. No Drama, just pop on your new mask ‘n’ socially-distance from ’em!

With over 200 styles of Face Masks available creating a surprise behind each door. Each mask should be machine washed after every use, details on how to wear and remove the mask can be found on the back of the packaging or HYPE.’s website.

Stay Safe and Be An Example. Wear Your Mask.

Available on www.justhype.com the price is £49.99.
RRP £119.98, Savings Worth £69.89 *