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Internet Balloons in Kenya

pc: BBC News

With an estimated 72% of the 1.2 billion people living within Eastern Africa with no internet, tech company, Loon Project have created airborne balloons to broadcast mobile internet access to benefit the developing world.

20 Million Trees Have Been Planted in India

pc: Getty Images

Politicians, volunteers and government officials came together and gave back to mother nature by distributing millions of samplings along the River Ganges to increase it’s forest cover, after recently pledging to keep a third of it’s land under forest and tree cover.

Penguins Went On An Adventure

Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium was closed to the public this week and Annie and Edward explored the facilities. The bonded pair of rockhopper penguins are in nesting season and decided to have some alone time walking around the aquarium, while Izzy and Carmen took a girls trip to the gift shop.
*Due to them being residents, they didn’t have to pay for entry.