Instant noodles in a crips format? Yes please. After releasing Sour Cream & Onion instant noodle flavor, the Pringles Japan division is now introducing a limited-edition ramen flavour.

Famous for the soy flavoured seafood dashi soup base, Kanto Dashi Shoyu Ramen Pringles celebrates the eastern Kanto region of Japan. The chips build on a seafood base, accented by hints of soy sauce and green onion. The homage to the region is also shown throughout the packaging, featuring a bowl of ramen and skyline of Tokyo, Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree.

The new flavour will be exclusively available at 1,000 special snack vending machines around Japan. The Kanto Dashi Shoyu Ramen Pringles are set to be available in Japan July 27.