112 cards finished with the late artist’s instantly-recognizable work.

UNO’s parent company Mattel, has teamed up with American artist Keith Haring for the latest installment of UNI’s Arstiste Series. The special-edition deck includes a variety of customised cards synonymous with Haring’s work.

With a slight change to the rules of the card game, players can match cards by colour, number or the art found on their card.

This is the second installment in the Artiste Series, following UNO’s collaborative pack by Jean-Michael Basquiat.

The deck features an art-forward approach, spotlighting the bright graffiti and underground-inspired pieces that the artist is most known for.

The 112-card UNO Artiste Series No. 2: Keith Haring deck is priced at $19.99 USD and can be purchased from the Macy’s website now. This product is not available in the UK currently.